Curricular proposal to address diversity in mathematics class: A design on sequences and patterns
Ingrid Janeth Jácome Anaya 1 2 , Sandra Evely Parada Rico 1 * , Jorge Enrique Fiallo Leal 1
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1 Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, COLOMBIA2 Universidad de Los Lagos, Osorno, CHILE* Corresponding Author


There is international emphasis on the right that all individuals should have to comprehensive education with learning opportunities tailored to their educational needs, and Colombia is no exception. Thus, the work reported here aims to (a) propose a curricular structure that allows addressing diversity in mathematics class, enabling flexibility and adaptation according to students’ particularities and (b) construct didactic designs of mathematics adjusted to a flexible and adaptable curricular structure, addressing diversity in the mathematics classroom in Colombia. This article partially addresses these objectives by exploring the question: What conceptual elements need to be considered to construct didactic designs of mathematics that address diversity in the classroom? Consequently, the study presents elements of a curricular proposal based on universal design for learning (UDL) to address diversity in mathematics classes. This is exemplified through a didactic design created for the study of sequences and patterns, promoting, in basic and middle education, the development of algebraic thinking through activities involving generalization and the study of patterns.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2024, Volume 20, Issue 6, Article No: em2458

Publication date: 01 Jun 2024

Online publication date: 24 May 2024

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